Bowls - Cereal Bowls

The handmade pottery Cereal Bowl has a slight flair in the profile and a wide rim. Measures approximately 2 1/2" tall x 7" diameter, 16 oz capacity.

Consider the wheat-band for a hand-etched decorative detail. Available in the Mocha Wheat or Chocolate Wheat glaze.  This custom hand-etched detail is an additional $10/piece.

Our custom stoneware pottery is entirely handmade. Please allow 30 days for your order to ship and all orders in excess of $1,000 will require 6-8 weeks delivery.
Cereal Bowl | Charcoal Red River glazeCereal Bowl | Chocolate Indigo River glazeCereal Bowl | Chocolate Wheat glaze
Cereal Bowl | Chocolate Red River glazeCereal Bowl | Chocolate Sage River glazeCereal Bowl | Indigo River glaze
Cereal Bowl | Mocha glazeCereal Bowl | Mocha Red River glazeCereal Bowl | Mocha Wheat
Cereal Bowl | Copper MidnightCereal Bowl | Copper Tenmoku
Copper Tenmoku
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Montana Handmade stoneware pottery by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman.
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Handmade stoneware pottery hand thrown by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman, Montana.