Cracker Basket

Cracker Basket - Fill the shallow handled crock with crackers, bread, or chips and serve alongside your favorite spread, salsa, or butter. This pottery basket comes with a removable wire and wood bail handle, stepped lip, 6 3/4" diameter x 2 1/4" high, and is available in seven custom glazes.

Our custom stoneware pottery is entirely handmade. Please allow 30 days for your order to ship and all orders in excess of $1,000 will require 6-8 weeks delivery.

The Story of the Cracker Basket

In the early days of Mountain Arts Pottery, many of the designs came from a form-follows-function approach. Potter Dave Lockie would create a design for kitchenware or a serving piece at the request of his wife, Jennie. Perhaps it was an upcoming church function for which she needed a casserole or more place settings for a Christmas Dinner with guests.

One day, Jennie asked Dave to create a crock similar to an old fashioned crock she had seen. Dave created several designs, but none suited what Jennie had in mind. She had hoped for a traditional crock 7-8” deep, and Dave had created a shallow serving bowl only 2” deep. Rather than scraping the prototype, Dave drilled holes in the lip and attached a wire handle. In the early days, maintaining inventory was a challenge, and as they headed out on one of the many cross-country tours of art shows, Dave & Jennie loaded the van with anything sellable, including these new shallow handled crocks.

At their first show in Wisconsin, Jennie unpacked the shallow crocks and asked Dave, “Well, what are we calling your little pot?” Dave quipped, “Its, ah, it’s a Cracker Basket!” They purchased a box of crackers to demonstrate the new piece and put it on display with a hand written placard that read ‘Cracker Basket’. To their amazement, the Cracker Basket was enthusiastically welcomed and quickly sold out.

Today, after a long hiatus, we are reintroducing the Cracker Basket for you to enjoy. Fill the shallow handled crock with crackers, bread, or chips and serve alongside your favorite spread, salsa, or butter. The Cracker Basket is available in seven custom glazes.
Cracker Basket - MochaCracker Basket - Mocha Red RiverCracker Basket - Chocolate Red River
Cracker Basket - Chocolate Indigo RiverCracker Basket - Chocolate Sage RiverCracker Basket - Charcoal Red River
Cracker Basket - Indigo RiverCracker Basket - Copper MidnightCracker Basket - Copper Tenmoku
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Montana Handmade stoneware pottery by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman.
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Handmade stoneware pottery hand thrown by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman, Montana.