Blessing Jars

Start a family tradition for yourself or give as a wedding gift. This handmade pottery vessel is a beautiful piece to keep on the mantle. Each Blessing Jar comes with a printed copy of 'The Story of the Blessing Jar'.

Approximate Measurements:
LARGE | 8 1/2" tall x 5" diameter
SMALL | 6" tall x 3" diameter

Our custom stoneware pottery is entirely handmade. Please allow 30 days for your order to ship and all orders in excess of $1,000 will require 6-8 weeks delivery.

The Story of the Blessing Jar

When potter Dave Lockie and his wife Jennie were raising their four children they wanted to instill in them a sense of gratitude for all that God was doing in their lives. They began a family tradition of writing down events for which they were thankful. Perhaps it was a lost pet that had safely returned home or a college acceptance letter. Events would be recorded and placed in the special pottery vessel which Dave had thrown. In time, the vessel came to be known as the “Blessing Jar”. Once a year the family would gather for a special Family Day and one of the highlights would be to pass around the slips of paper and read them aloud. In this way, they could remember God’s faithfulness. We hope that the Blessing Jar will help you to establish a similar tradition in your home.

1 Chronicles 16:12
"Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles...."
Blessing Jar | Large | Charcoal Red RiverBlessing Jar | Large | Chocolate Indigo RiverBlessing Jar | Large | Chocolate Wheat
Blessing Jar | Large | Chocolate Red RiverBlessing Jar | Large | Chocolate Sage RiverBlessing Jar | Large | Indigo River
Blessing Jar | Large | MochaBlessing Jar | Large | Mocha Red RiverBlessing Jar | Large | Mocha Wheat
Blessing Jar | Large | Copper Tenmoku
Copper Tenmoku
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Montana Handmade stoneware pottery by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman.
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Handmade stoneware pottery hand thrown by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman, Montana.