Dandelion Vase

Display those precious pint-sized bouquets of dandelions and Johnny jump-ups in the hand made pottery Dandelion Vase. 

Approximate measurements - 3" tall and 1" in diameter. 

Read the product care instructions.


Our custom stoneware pottery is entirely handmade-to-order, therefore each piece does vary slightly from the next in size, color, and other details.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 7-9 weeks for our studio team to make your pottery items specifically for you! The handmade pottery process is not fast, and takes some patience to wait for....but if you're a fan of handmade work it is definitely worth it. We will get in touch when your order is finished and on its way to your doorstep (or ready to be picked up, depending on your preference).

NEED IT FASTER? If you are on a tighter timeline for a gift or any other reason, feel free to call us and see what we have in-stock! 406-522-7707 



Dave Lockie began his career as a potter when his four children were very young. While he threw pots in his shop in the backyard, the kids would be playing in the grass. Often, they would deliver a beautiful bouquet of dandelions or Johnny jump-ups; each with a stem less than an inch long. Dave’s wife, Jennie, would try her best to display the lovely gift in a typical flower vase, but much to the children’s dismay, the flowers would tumble in to the water and bob around. With a tiny lump of clay, Dave began throwing the Dandelion Vase; a darling miniature flower vase to display those precious pint sized bouquets. We hope you, your children and grandchildren enjoy them as much as we have over the years.

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