Seasonal Mug Subscription

**2024 Subscription Sales Closed** We will still offer our seasonal mugs first-come first serve for those who missed the subscription window, so keep an eye out for that and you can choose them a-la-carte :). If you are interested in a subscription for 2025 please reach out to us at 406-522-7707!


Each year, our studio team designs a series of specialty mugs that correspond with each season. Every mug is unique, and since these are made in short-run batches, our team can add some extra special design touches!

Local Pickup Subscription: $220 

(roughly 15% off retail value)

Includes: Snowflake mug, yearly ornament, & 4 unique specialty mugs, one for each season. We’ll call you when your mug is finished for each season and ready to come pick up at our studio in Bozeman!

Shipped Subscription: $295 

(roughly 15% off retail value)

Includes: Snowflake mug, yearly ornament, & 4 unique specialty mugs, one for each season. We’ll ship each item to your designated address *within the continental US* 

NOTE: it is your responsibility to update shipping information if it changes during the subscription period.


How it works: Terms & FAQ

• What will I receive? You'll receive one specialty Snowflake mug, our yearly ornament, and four seasonal mugs that are uniquely designed by our studio team for each season of the year. The photos pictured in this listing are examples of designs from years past - you'll see this years designs uncovered as we go - the surprise is part of the fun!

• When will they arrive? You’ll receive the Snowflake mug and ornament when you initiate your subscription so you have something to enjoy right away! (If we have sold through all of the Snowflake mugs/ornaments when you initiate your subscription, we will make you a set and deliver it as soon as it is finished!). From there, each mug will arrive according to the four seasons, as follows: 

Spring: April     Summer: June     Autumn: September     Winter: November

• Can I pick specific styles? Within the subscription, you cannot pick specific styles; you will receive all the designs corresponding to your subscription year. (For those who prefer to purchase the mugs on a case by case basis, we will still have a short-run of each seasonal mug available first-come first-serve.)

• Returns/Exchanges: Aside from our normal policies regarding defects or breakage in shipping, there are no returns or exchanges on seasonal specialty mugs or subscriptions. Every design is different from others that have gone before it - it’s part of the fun! On the off chance that you get a mug that is not your ideal, they make wonderful gifts!

Purchase date: Subscriptions must be purchased no later than January 31st of the subscription year. If purchased after this date, it will be for the following year. 

*IMPORTANT! By purchasing a subscription, you agree to the above parameters.*


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