October 20, 2017


"Consider how the lilies grow. They don't work or spin yarn, but I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them."  Luke 12:27

I am sitting on the porch swing at home with a bowl of nutty flavored crackers and some home made mustard dip. It is 72 degrees and as nice a fall day as one could hope for. This has been an incredible fall! The tomatoes are still yielding 4-8 tomatoes every day and we have not yet had a frost.  At the store the flowers in the front yard are incredible. 

Kristy is our landscape artist as well as Girl Friday, doing many tasks around the store.  She has done a great job of planting flowers that bloom from early spring to late fall. There are daisy-like blooms as well as morning glory. Along the ramp, the morning glory is blooming profusely; the result of seeds that dropped inadvertently from some vine covered chicken wire leaned against the ramp before storing it away for the winter.  The latest additions are some large planters of mums which really speak of fall. I've never seen plants so full of blossoms, and they add a warm welcome. Guests will often stop to photograph the beautiful flowers and cozy front porch of the store.  

Kristy is also working on the back yard, planting grape vines, lilacs, purple plum, shrubs and tulips, daffodils, and many other blooming flowers for next summer.   She has planned some cozy areas for groups of people in the back yard, adding more outdoor seating.   Kristy lives just south of our store and every since we bought the property in 2003, she has always been available to help and encourage us.  She has been a great friend and always has an idea or two to help things run more smoothly. 

Thank you Kristy, good job! 

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