October 20, 2017


It was 1979 and I was eleven years old when my Dad came home with a Grandfather clock that he placed on the mantle of our family room. It had a small brass plaque on the front with an inscription that read, “For Thirty Years in Business Together– Royal Typewriter Company, Inc.”

He wound up the clock and the arm began to swing rhythmically and the clock began it’s meditative tick-tock. Over the years he would periodically pause by the clock, dusting off the lid, polishing the glass, or shining up the brass plaque. My father owned an office supply company and he was an authorized dealer of the Royal Typewriter for over forty years.

There is just something heartening about that touchstone to a long-term business relationship. It is all too easy for us to lose our connections in this high-paced, instant, disposable world, where instant gratification trumps the fortitude of the long haul. But we don’t have to. We can practice and honor our colleagues in business with gratitude and appreciation.

For this reason, the artisans here at Mountain Arts Pottery have created a line of Custom Logo Mugs that are enduring and timeless. Our handmade pottery mugs are finely crafted stoneware, custom made to order with your company logo. Custom Logo Mugs are fantastic for employee, corporate, or thank you gifts as well as promotional material or incentive gifts. The possibilities are endless. 

Quality. Enduring. Timeless. Custom Logo Mugs are handmade one-of-a-kind stoneware mugs by Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman, Montana.

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