October 20, 2017


I was giving a friend a ride to the airport last year when she was going home for Easter. Her flight left early and we had a chance to visit during our predawn drive to the airport. We talked about Easter and the question came up, "Why do we call Good Friday 'Good Friday'?" I didn't really know, but I believe that it was because of what Christ did on the Cross that day for anyone who accept Him as their Lord. It seems the good superseded the evil that was done to Christ when He was crucified on the cross.

I went on to explain that because of the importance of that day to us as Christians; it is one of the three days in the year that we close our store.

It brought back the memories of when I was on the school board for Bozeman and the school district was changing what was previously Easter Break into Spring Break. In doing so, the days off from school no longer coincided with Easter. This made it difficult to travel and visit family out of town. Being young and even more idealistic than we are now, we decided that we would not send our kids to school on Good Friday. We would make our own stand. On that first Good Friday we let everyone sleep in then had a lesiurely breakfast. Afterwards I went out to work in the pottery studio in our backyard. I hadn't been at the wheel for much more than an hour when all the kids showed up in the studio (I have no idea of the conversations that went on in the house prior to that moment). The kids inquired, "If Good Friday is important enough for us to miss school why are you working?" 

It only took a moment to realize that if I continued to work, I was a hypocrite and I was not practicing what I had preached. I washed up, closed up the studio for the day and from that day forward we have made Good Friday a day to honor the Lord. 

Because of this, our store will be closed on April 6th in honor of our Lord. May everyone have a blessed Easter. 

Blessings - Dave Lockie

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