How to Decorate Your Holiday Table

December 06, 2019

How to Decorate Your Holiday Table



Gone are the days when matching your decorations with everything on your table is necessary. Mixing and matching is much more preferred these days and over here at Mountain Arts Pottery, we’ve hopped on that mix-matched wagon too!



Several of our color combinations pair really well together. Since we mix all of our own glazes, there’s a certain level of cohesiveness we strive for since our lines are all displayed together in our retail store. This means that all of our pottery is beautifully paired with at least one other line. For instance, the charcoal jet and charcoal white look like they were made for each other and adding a few pieces of the charcoal red gives an extra pop that is always complimentary, especially around the holidays.



When you are picking out your table linens and decorations, it’s great to take a few things into consideration:


  1. Instead of flower arrangements that crowd the table and often obstruct the view from across the table, consider running a garland in the middle and intertwining tea light candles throughout in bitty pots that match one or more of your accent colors.



  1. Decide on a color pallet to stick with. I always try to have two different types of accents for each color I choose, that way it weaves together without certain colors looking out of place. So for instance, if red is a color I'm choosing, I will have at least red candles and red napkins, etc..


  1. Similar to the previous point, it’s also helpful to stick with a theme. Even though you are mixing and matching, it’s more harmonious when the theme is consistent. For instance, if you are going for a natural look, try decorating with natural fibers in your linens and add accents like wood, stones, burlap, dried plants and wooden serving utensils. Or, if you prefer a more modern or traditional look, go for bright whites, blacks, metallic, and primary colors in your silverware, linens and décor.


  1. If you are setting a more formal dining room table, keep in mind that as long as you have the proper flatware and dishes, mixing and matching them to add character and flare can create a more relaxed atmosphere while you are thoroughly pampering your guests.



Hosting for the holidays is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun and is always rewarding. Remember to have fun with the process; remember to play, take your time and put on some good music and let the good times unfold.


We wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with love, connection, joy and celebration!




-Kayla Marie

Retail Store Manager

Mountain Arts Pottery

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