October 20, 2017


Because we always want to offer our customers something fresh and exciting to see in our pottery line, we are always looking for either new pottery shapes, new glazes, or a glazing technique that will give our company a new look. Years ago we saw some pottery in Colorado Springs that encompassed the use of scripture inscribed into the pottery.

For quite a while we have made medallion mugs with scripture on them, and those have been quite popular. We wanted something in addition to the mugs, however, and our idea was to create other beautiful pottery pieces in which we could incorporate Bible verses.

Inscribing is not a task every potter does well, and for a long time, we had not been able to find someone who could carve the words so they were really sharp. In addition, there is
a problem in that there is only so much room on a pot that is available for carving, therefore, the verses can only be a certain length. After a lengthy process, I think we finally have all the pieces coming together.

We now have a few of our scripture vases, platters, and bowls in the Store. They have been quite well received, so we are on the road to developing a whole line of pottery based around the scripture verse theme. Our goal is to be able to fill special orders with scripture which are meaningful and create a one-of-a-kind inspirational heirloom.

Jennie Lockie

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