October 20, 2017


In church, we are doing a set of sermons on growing your faith, which comes from a series by Andy Stanley. For some reason I was thinking that with all that Jennie and I have seen in the last 34 years, that our faith should be fairly well solidified in the Lord, and we should be able to rest in Him, remembering all of the valleys He has walked us through. You could ask me, “Then why are you waking up at 2:00 in the morning?” Sometimes getting back to sleep seems to be an impossibility.

After 10 years we needed to re-brick the kiln. We have a welder in the family who does house calls. He and his wife drove 450 miles from Wyoming and spent a very long day repairing the damaged kiln door. Even though the door was rebuilt, the bricks won’t seem to stay in place, and as a result, we have not been able to fire for nearly three weeks. We finally did the first firing on Monday. Phew! Just when we got that taken care of, the pug mill, which processes our clay, went down and we’re waiting for parts so that we can repair it.

As of the first of June we will have 100% turnover in personnel in the Studio since February. We just hired a Front of the House Manager for the Coffee Pot, as Amanda will be moving out of state. We are trying to get everything in place for the summer when it really starts getting busy with new people in place. 

It isn’t as if God hasn’t taken the time to teach us each step of the way that which we need to learn. It is just that it’s easy to forget. It is when our expectations in life exceed what God really intended. Faith growth really happens at 2:00 AM when all of these circumstances comes to mind. This is when we are forced to assess what is our part and where we just need to have faith in the areas over which we have no control. The end point is not just being able to go to back sleep. The end point is being able to turn our concerns over to God, remembering His faithfulness in the past.

Many Blessings,
Dave & Jennie

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