October 20, 2017


Oops! The term, "No one is perfect" is true in most industries, and a pottery studio is no exception. There will always be pottery that is not of the finest quality; glazes may not turn out, pieces may get chipped in handling, glazes may no longer be current, or perhaps the item in question is no longer something we make.

We collect this pottery over the year then, on Memorial Day, we put this pottery out at discounted prices and have our annual Oops! pottery sale. Prices will range anywhere from $1 to $150 for a sink that was originally $525. There are some incredible bargains for our customers, and we get to clear out our storage. This has become a very popular event that people look forward to. We set up our racks outside on the lawn on the Friday morning before Memorial Day and the sale is on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Even though it is at the end of May, we have often had snow to make the event more exciting! One year it was such terrible weather, that we set up in the Studio so we could carry on.

We start the sale at 8:00 am and continue each day until we close at 6:00 pm. Come down early, grab a cup of coffee and browse the racks to find something special for yourself or to give as a gift. While it is true that "No one is perfect", it’s also true that, "It's an ill wind that blows no good!" Both idioms are true for our annual Oops! Sale.

The 2015 Annual Oops! Sale will begin Memorial Day Weekend. Open Friday, May 22nd, Saturday, May 23rd & Monday, May 25th. (We will be closed Sunday, May 24th).

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