We Are Going Back to Two Toned!

May 01, 2019

We Are Going Back to Two Toned!

Many of you who have known and supported Mountain Arts Pottery throughout the years will remember, once upon a time, when our pottery was glazed in what we call ”two toned”. However, for the last decade or so, our pottery has been glazed in a river technique.

Pictured above is our "rivered" technique on the left and the two toned on the right.


As our business grows and we consider our customer’s preferences, the esthetic of our pottery and our studio’s workload capacity we have decided to go back to our roots and do everything in two toned again.



Watch this video where the Founders, Dave and Jennie, sit down with their son and daughter in law, Josh and Kathy, to talk about why switching back to two-toned is a great choice!

Because we are fortunate enough to have such loyal and supportive customers, we continue to grow every year. The space of our pottery studio and kiln, however, has not. So we have had to figure out ways to simplify and streamline production while also improving and evolving our craft and the two toned glazing technique fits in perfectly with those goals.


So far we have been delighted to see the vibrancy of our colored glazes since we have been switching over to two toned. With the river technique, we noticed that the colored glaze would sometimes get muddled or lost in the firing process but with two toned the colors really pop and are much more consistent.



If you have been collecting a set of pottery that is glazed in the river technique, not to worry! We have some rivered items set aside in back stock, and we will also be offering a special request queue for the next year so we can help those who need a few more pieces to round out their collection. Don’t hesitate to stop into our shop or give us a call and we will get you taken care of! (Insider Tip: the two-tone glazing style still features the same colors, just in a different application, so it will also coordinate with your existing pottery!)


We are so honored to have been given the opportunity to carry on the business that Dave and Jennie have built and going back to the way things began just feels right to us. We are excited to keep growing our product lines and continue to bring new and fresh things to the table as we evolve.


As always, thank you for being here with us! We wouldn't have made it this far without each and every one of you.



Kayla Marie


The Mountain Arts Pottery Family

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