October 20, 2017


Every year we are faced with the same dilemma: making enough sales and improving the bottom line. Christmas is the largest sales event of the year. A lot of companies make or break it at this time. We knew a couple who owned a Coast to Coast store, and they said they actually began to make a profit on the 10th of December! But, Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and the balancing act is trying to be responsible to get the jump on Christmas sales while still taking time to celebrate and savor the Thanksgiving season. 

Having Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving or being open on Thanksgiving for the purpose of getting ahead of the competition appears to be the fault of businesses going after the almighty dollar. But if we step back, and on our way into the stores to start the Christmas buying, happen to glance in the mirror on the door, we have to ask, “who is that person who makes it lucrative for the store owner to bypass Thanksgiving?” We see ourselves encouraging this accelerated holiday buying. Are we willing to give up the chance of getting the best deal, or limited editions, and instead to stop and reflect on what we already have and show our gratitude?

Yes, ultimately it is our responsibility to be thankful for what we have been given and to help the younger generation understand how extremely blessed we are and to know that what we have is not the norm for the rest of the world. 

One of our Thanksgiving family traditions is passing around a basket of candy corn, taking out the number of pieces of candy to equal the number of things for which we are most thankful that year. We find there aren’t enough candies in a basket to begin with, and not enough hours left in the day to thank God for everything He has given us. May we seek to be grateful for what we have and to be generous with others who do not share in our blessings.

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