How Artists and Local Businesses Brighten Our Community

March 08, 2019

How Artists and Local Businesses Brighten Our Community


It's all too common to see artists renting the cheapest basement apartment in the area; working nights at the local dive bar just to be able to pay for the supplies they need for their craft and living off of a humble budget that barely gets them by. There's a reason somewhere along the way we coined the term "starving artist"!  Once I began to pursue various artistic endeavors myself, I realized the level of dedication and endurance that craftsmanship commands and was swiftly humbled.



It’s impossible to know the time and work that goes into the process of skillful creation. Let's not take for granted the ones who build beautiful sculptures in our parks, who add color onto our city sidewalks, who design our favorite clothing, jewelry and shoes in our local boutiques. The ones playing live music at our favorite venues, who hand crafted our favorite cutting boards and that set of one of a kind pottery dishes that all of our friends are obsessed with.












Local businesses are the glue that holds our communities together and essentially keep our artists doing what they love. They bring people together and support the infrastructures that make up our community. They employ the artists and students and they keep creativity, newness, quality and integrity alive in our society. If it weren’t for them, we’d be at risk of our cities becoming a series of corporate strip malls and fast food chains.

Here, at Mountain Arts Pottery, we are so grateful for our community’s constant support so we can continue bringing high quality craftsmanship to the table while supporting our local Montana artists in our store as well. We are so lucky to have such a talented team of artists both in our pottery studio and in our kitchen! It’s such a gift to be surrounded by high quality Montana handmade products and to get to share in the joys of their beauty with people who come into our store and bakery every day.


-Kayla Marie

Store Manager

Mountain Arts Pottery 

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