My Mom, Behind the Scenes

May 03, 2018

My Mom, Behind the Scenes

I've been looking forward to writing a little bit about my mom and her contributions to this amazing store for awhile now and I figured that since Mother's Day shows up in May that this would be a good time for that. 

Though my dad had the tenacity to go find a market for his pottery and to find a way to support our family, it was my mom who was there making things possible. Like me, my dad is a dreamer of the possibilities, a creator of opportunities, and he always finds ways to make things pay for themselves, but left to our own devices completing those dreams can be impossible. In many ways, it was my Mom who would find the practical ways to accomplish these things.

For instance my dad was really discouraged once with all the work he was doing but the sales didn't seem to reflect this and my Mom gently showed him all of the things that he had accomplished and the recievables that where on the books. In 2003 when The Coffee Pot first opened, my mom would go out every day to do sales while my dad stayed in Bozeman to make the pottery. It was largely her direction that gave the place that warm cozy feeling, and it was her recipes that initially filled the bakery case. 

I can't begin to remember all of the art shows that I've done over the years with my parents and there was definitly a method to the madness. I would try to get the pottery to the show a few hours before my parents showed up and get the shelves set up and the pottery roughly set up on the shelves. My mom however had an amazing gift of getting things layed out. This gift can truly be seen when looking at the pottery displays at The Coffee Pot or if you visit my parents' home. 

Change happens and though you won't see my parents quite as often at the store (they're enjoying retirement), the legacy that they leave here is deep within the walls of this place, and as Mother's Day approaches I'm especially grateful for my mom's hand in building this place. 

Josh Lockie

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